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Android 14 Beta 5.1 Release Introduces Last Batch of Bug Fixes

Android 14 Beta 5.1 Release Introduces Last Batch of Bug Fixes

Android 14 Beta 5.1 Release Introduces Last Batch of Bug Fixes

Earlier this month, Google caught us off guard with an unexpected move—introducing a fifth Android 14 beta release, even though they had strongly hinted just last month that the fourth beta would serve as the final step before the stable release. And thus, Android 14 Beta 5 entered the stage.

Today, we stand at the brink of the Android 14 Beta 5.1 release, distinguished by its minor version increment that signals its dedicated focus on resolving bugs—hopefully, the last ones. As we await the impending arrival of the official stable release, our optimism is cautious, given the tumultuous journey that the Android 14 beta phase has presented thus far.

The official release notes for this version detail four specific fixes, but there may be additional adjustments under the surface that haven't been explicitly highlighted. The resolved issues encompass a bug that hindered SIM card detection when Fixed Dialing Number features were in use; another that triggered disruptions in connectivity for devices on carriers employing 5G standalone mode; a glitch resulting in a blank home screen for some devices after unlocking; and lastly, the temporary suspension of the "feather-styled" live wallpaper to mitigate its impact on performance.

Google assures users that the temporarily disabled live wallpaper will be reinstated once the underlying concerns have been thoroughly addressed. Could this signify its return in Beta 5.2? Only time will unveil the answer.

If you possess an eligible Pixel device enrolled in the Android Beta program, anticipate the delivery of this update over the air in the near future.