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Top 4 most popular phones of 2023

Top 4 most popular phones of 2023

Top 4 most popular phones of 2023

For me, 2023 felt a bit banal. Last time I indeed got agitated about some of midrangers, but this time around I could not find bone

that stands out. Indeed the decoration member was not particularly emotional to me, so that is why I picked only four phones for my top list. 


One brand that is missing from my list is Samsung. Indeed though I am not a huge Samsung addict, I have always liked the S Ultra series, but the Galaxy S23 Ultra just feels like further of the same to me. The equivalent goes for the World Z Fold5 it's great, yet at the same unexciting


Xiaomi 13 Ultra 

Let's start with my diurnal motorist the Xiaomi 13 Ultra. After using the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and the 12S Ultra, the 13 Ultra feels much more refined than its forerunners. Despite the rather weird design with all the pitches on the reverse, the 13 Ultra for me is the closest to a" zero concession" smartphone you can get in 2023. 


The first effects I look for in a phone is the software and the rearmost inaugurations of MIUI are great. All three Ultras I have used give exceptionally smooth and snappy experience from day one. Reminds me of my first many times using OnePlus phones-fluent experience from launch until the last day. 


The alternate thing is cameras and the Ultra sure does cover all bases. For me, the perfect blowup quintet is 3x 5x or 3x 6x and luckily enough, the Ultra added a veritably potent3.2 x blowup camera, giving me every reason to upgrade from the 12S Ultra. 


It's dispensable to go through the specs distance formerly again because let's face it- the chipset, display, point anthology, charging, battery,etc. are each kindly

analogous across all flagship phones. It's a great phone with little to complain about. 


Xiaomi 13 

I have always had a thing for small decoration phones and I like to keep track of this rather niche member in 2023. And I believe that the vanilla Xiaomi 13 is by far the stylish small flagship smartphone this time. 


utmost of what I said about the 13 Ultra applies to the vanilla 13 as well. It has all the bells and hisses and does not skip on the blowup as well, which is a rare discovery in compact phones. The Galaxy S23 is one more exemption for the standard. 

 The Asus Zenfone 10 and the Pixel 7, for illustration, both warrant proper blowup cameras. 

 There is commodity about holding a small and important phone, especially if it's well- erected.Also, the Xiaomi 13 sure feels perfect in the hand.


OnePlus 11

Although a long- time addict of OnePlus, I have not been impressed by a phone from the maker in quite a while, especially after directors decided to kill OxygenOS. The company also lost its competitive edge in a sense. 

still, the OnePlus 11 felt kindly different. I had the chance to review it and away from the miserable 2x drone camera, the handset turned out to be an excellent each- rounder. 

It could be due to the rising smartphone prices throughout 2023 in general, but the fact is OnePlus 11 was a great deal indeed at launch. In fact, the camera performance is emotional and the tackle is flagship- good as always. 

Indeed the software felt snappy, point-rich and welcoming. We were dissatisfied to see numerous of the aged OxygenOS features go, but as they say you win some, you lose some. 


vivo X Fold2 

I felt compelled to pick the stylish foldable for me this time as it's easily the future we're heading toward. As I said before, 2023 felt banal indeed in the foldable member. still, the vivo X Fold2 stuck with me. The Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 gets an honorable citation as well due to its exceptional design and potent camera setup. 

What I liked about the vivo the most was the design( I really appreciate dummy leather tails), the nearlycrease-less inner screen, the usable external screen( it did not feel like an afterthought) and maybe the stylish point to have on a horizontally- folding smartphone is the binary ultrasonic point anthology. 

I tête-à-tête veritably important dislike side- mounted point compendiums as they force you to use the phone with your right hand and it's tough to unleash when it's placed on the office, for illustration. The vivo X Fold2 fixes all these issues with two point compendiums one on the cover screen and one on the main folding screen. You can unleash the device whichever way you like and the two scanners boost ease of use quite a bit. I wonder why no other manufacturer is doing this with its foldables as it makes so important sense. 

That is all from me this time and I hope we get some further instigative stuff in 2024. I'd like to see further midrangers with better cameras( I am sick of the dated 8MP ultrawide shooters) and newer chipsets that make further sense in 2024. I would also like to see a significant step forward in the foldable member.